Schools, Academies and 6th Form Colleges

A range of schools, academies and 6th form colleges use our qualifications to:

  • help recognise achievements, often in small steps
  • access the qualifications system
  • help progression to higher level learning or
  • help with personal development and employability.

Why schools, academies and 6th Form Colleges use Certa qualifications and the benefits of Certa qualifications

  • offer progression to traineeships, apprenticeships and the Study Programme
  • enable more learners, aged 14+ and 16+, to achieve qualifications at the right level, especially those who have traditionally found it difficult to access the qualification system
  • allow learners to build up credits over time, at their own pace
  • increase the number of learners progressing onto GCSEs or Vocational courses
  • recognise positive achievement through good quality qualifications at Entry Level, Levels 1 and 2– not sure what this is saying in addition to the above?
  • portfolio-based assessment methods that can be contextualised to accommodate individual learning needs OR
  • use assessment methods that can be contextualised to the individual learner’s circumstances and needs as included as part of a portfolio of evidence.

Qualifications suitable for schools, academies and 6th Form Colleges Click here