FE Colleges and Adult Education

We have a comprehensive qualification and unit offer for Colleges of Further Education, covering a wide range of learners, skill areas and sectors:

  • for all 14 – 19 year olds and for those disengaged from learning
  • for the main vocational qualification for the Study Programme
  • a wide offer for pre-apprenticeship or traineeships
  • a broad curriculum for learners at Entry Level including LLDD
  • for employability skills or exploring career options
  • for adults returning to learning or retraining

We will work with you to help you design courses and programmes of learning that best meet the needs of your learners using our qualifications and units. Our large framework qualifications allow you to select a unique set of units to meet the needs of particular groups of learners.  The Product Research and Development team will help you to find the most suitable qualifications and units to design your courses and provide on going help with any issues that may arise  e.g. progression, funding.

Click here for Qualifications Suitable for FE Colleges and Adult Learning