Centres are required to contribute to external standardisation as requested by Certa and also to carry out appropriate internal standardisation.

Internal standardisation involves ensuring that, where there is more than one tutor delivering Certa provision or more than one site, internally set tasks and the outcomes of internal assessment are consistent across the range of courses.

Standardisation meetings

A typical meeting includes the following activities.

  • Each assessor brings a sample of assessed work
  • Everyone works their way through the pile of learner work, checking to see if the evidence of achievement is sufficient and reliable, that they agree with the assessment decision and commenting on the feedback given to the learner
  • Comments make clear how assessors might improve their assessment practice
  • The group agree what needs to be done to ensure that everyone assesses to the same standard in the future
  • Any changes to assessment decisions are agreed and recorded

Internal verification can be standardised in a similar way.

External Standardisation


Centres must attend external standardisation events as required by Certa. Centres will be informed of the sample they must take to the external standardisation event in sufficient time for them to be able to collect the required learner work. Centres will also need to take records of their assessment and Internal Verification processes.

For the dates of this year’s external Standardisation events please refer to the Continuous Professional Development Handbook or go to External Standardisation dates.

For further information please refer to the Centre Handbook.