Direct Claim Status (DCS)

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A Centre that has earned Direct Claims Status can approve the Award of Credit as soon as a course has ended, without the need for Certa to sign the RACs, therefore allowing prompt certification.

However, Certa will still check a small sample of portfolios (5% or 5 portfolios) and IV records each year. This is to verify the Centre's continuing ability to maintain high standards and address any issues relating to assessment.

Direct Claims Status is awarded for a particular Qualification or group of Units, provided:

  1. the Centre has an experienced Internal Verifier who holds a recognised Internal Verification qualification and who has been approved by Certa, ie, is a 'Qualified and Responsible IV' (see below)
  2. the Centre has been delivering the course for at least one year
  3. all assessors and internal verifiers were sampled the previous year and found to be satisfactory (no Conditions)
  4. Centre standardisation is satisfactory
  5. the Centre has a current Risk Rating of 1 or 2.

A Centre may hold Direct Claim Status for more than one Qualification or Course, as long as all the criteria are met in full for each. Please note that Direct Claim Status is not available for certain Qualifications, eg, those with externally marked assessments.

Direct Claims Status will be suspended if:

  • the Qualified and Responsible IV no longer verifies the qualification or units at the Centre
  • the Centre stops delivering the qualification or unit
  • the Centre has a risk banding of 3 or 4
  • scrutiny reveals concerns about one or more assessors, Internal Verifiers or the 'Qualified and Responsible IV'
  • a visit raises concerns about standardisation or quality assurance

It is important to understand that DCS is likely to be suspended if ever issues relating to assessment are discovered during a Centre Monitoring visit. This is because a Centre is awarded DCS on the understanding that either there will be no such issues, or that any issues will be minor and will have been highlighted and addressed by the Qualified and Responsible IV before the visit takes place.

Qualified and Responsible IV

Qualified and Responsible IV’s are approved following:

  • completion of an approved Quality Assurance qualification, eg, TAQA, D34, V1, IVA or IMA
  • submission of evidence of good practice

Approved Internal Verifiers should lead assessment, verification and standardisation of the named Certa Qualifications and / or Units across the Centre. The Centre Handbook contains full details, but the duties include:

  • take the lead in ensuring that assessment and Internal Verification are well planned and meet Certa requirements
  • organise Internal Verification of all assessment tasks before they are used with learners, and ensure corrective action is taken where appropriate
  • organise advice and support  for tutors/Assessors
  • organise induction and training
  • organise Internal Verification and ensure corrective action is taken where appropriate
  • personally internally verify a random sample of assessment tasks and assessed learner work and ensure corrective action is taken where appropriate
  • organise and lead internal standardisation and ensure corrective action is taken where appropriate
  • ensure that appropriate Centre staff attend external standardisation events
  • ensure that action plans are completed in a timely manner
  • make arrangements for external verification
  • ensure that records are retained for three years

Please see the Certa DCS Policy and Procedures for information about how to get Direct Claims Status. Please note that policy and procedures are in process of being updated and the Qualified and Responsible IV was formerly known as the AIV.

 If you require any further information please contact us on 01924434600. All completed forms should be emailed to with the subject heading DCS Approval Application. The application forms for Regulated Qualifications and Non-Regulated Courses are separate please ensure you complete the correct form for consideration.


Certa Direct Claims Application Form Non Regulated Courses April 2018

Certa Direct Claims Application Form Regulated Qualifications April 2018