Access to Fair Assessment


Certa and Centres have a duty to uphold the rights of individual learners to be assessed in a way most appropriate for their individual needs. Certa’s Access to Fair Assessment Policy includes information about how to make Reasonable Adjustments and apply for Special Considerations.  

The Policy can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Reasonable Adjustments

A reasonable adjustment is any action that helps to reduce the effect of a disability or difficulty that places the learner at a substantial disadvantage in the assessment situation.  Reasonable adjustments must not affect the reliability and validity of the assessment outcomes, but may involve:

  • changing assessment arrangements, eg, allowing extra time
  • adapting assessment materials, eg, in Braille
  • providing assistance such as a sign language interpreter or a reader
  • changing from a written to a spoken assessment
  • using assistive technology such as screen reading or voice activated software

Reasonable adjustments must be approved before the assessment takes place. The work produced by the learner will be marked in the same way as the work of other assessed learners.

The Assessment Criteria may not be amended, re-worded or omitted. Outcomes produced by the learner must at all times:

  • meet the requirements of the specifications in full, regardless   of the process or method used
  • be as rigorous as assessment methods used with other learners
  • be able to be moderated or verified

Please note that permission from Certa is required for some Reasonable Adjustments.

Useful information about the way technology can help in using accessible assessment from JISC Techdis, a leading UK advisory service on technologies for inclusion.

For further information please refer to the Certa's Access to Fair Assessment Policy.

Special Consideration

A learner who is fully prepared and present for a scheduled assessment, and is fully aware of the assessment requirements, may be eligible for Special Consideration if:

  • performance is affected by circumstances beyond the control of the learner
  • alternative assessment arrangements prove inappropriate or inadequate
  • part of an assessment has been missed due to circumstances beyond the control of the learner

 Learners will not be eligible for Special Consideration if:

  • the Centre supplies no evidence in support of the application
  • assessment is missed due to holidays or unauthorised absence
  • learners have a minor illness or are subject to a minor disturbance
  • preparation was affected by difficulties during the course

Centres should note that it is not always possible to apply Special Consideration. In some circumstances it may be more appropriate to allow the learner to take the assessment at a later date.  Special Consideration should not give the learner an unfair advantage and the result must reflect learner achievement and not potential ability.

For further information please refer to the Certa Access to Fair Assessment Policy. Centres should apply for Special Consideration using the form below.