After Centre Recognition

Your Qualifications Development Adviser will continue to help you develop a curriculum offer that meets the needs of your learners. For further information please go to Qualifications. You can also work with us to develop your own Access to HE Diploma; for further information please go to Access to HE.

It is important that Centres understand their responsibilities in relation to assessment and quality assurance. These are summarised below; you will be provided with further details once you have been approved as a recognised Certa Centre.

  • The team must develop assessment tasks that are fit-for-purpose and which map to the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria set out in the Qualification Specification. All assessment tasks must be internally verified before use.  See the Assessment section of Quality Assurance for further details.
  • Recognised Centres must meet quality assurance requirements; these are outlined in the Quality Assurance section of the website, with further detail in the Certa Centre Handbook (available below). They include both internal and external quality assurance, including annual attendance at an external standardisation event.
  • We will determine a Risk Rating for each Centre, based on the Certa provision and the Centre’s experience of running credit-based provision. The Risk Rating is reviewed at each Centre Monitoring visit.
  • Centres running Access to HE Diplomas must meet the requirements set out on the Access to HE section of the website.