Accessibility help

This website has been designed to be fully accessible and usable for people using a range of assistive technologies. We welcome feedback as to the degree to which we have achieved this.

Whilst we are aware that this functionality is now built into most operating systems, we took advice and encouragement from the Adult Dyslexia Organisation to ensure that our site went above and beyond the most basic accessibility and usability features and, indeed, exceeded the requirements of equalities legislation and good practice. We would like to thank Donald Schloss, Chief Executive of the Adult Dyslexia Organisation, for his assistance and guidance in these matters.

Users of screen magnification software should find that pages resize in an ordered way, but if anyone finds that this is compromised in any way, please email us straight away and we will raise this issue with our developers.

The site has been designed to work with most standard browsers and has been tested to ensure that key functions are fully operational.

Tab functions should work in an ordered way and we are trying to ensure that all images and links are tagged in a logical and clear way to assist visually impaired users, so that they can gain full enjoyment from the site.

Please do pass any comments back to us immediately if you feel anything can be improved. Please email