Exemplar Assignment Briefs

 At Certa, we won’t force you to use our assignment briefs. Staff are trusted and supported (and moderated) to develop and deliver their own assessment tasks that enable students to meet unit learning outcomes. What we are developing is a range of exemplars across graded and ungraded units, which will be available for staff to use. 

When an assignment brief has been designated as an exemplar, there will be no requirement for it to be pre-internally verified, and therefore external moderators will not need to monitor this at visits. The availability of exemplars will help tutors in planning and delivery. Even if you don’t use these particular assessment tasks, the format of these exemplars should help you identify good practice (the right level of detail and support for achievement) for your own assignment briefs.

Our exemplar bank will be built upon, starting with Study Skills, and a range of the most commonly used units on our larger diplomas. New exemplars will be announced through our bulletin, so watch this space.

Study Skills Units

Academic Writing Task 1 of 2 (YHS243)

Academic Writing Task 2 of 2 (YHS243)

Information Literacy Skills Task 1 of 2 (CER147)

Information Literacy Skills Task 2 of 2 (CER147)

Researching and Understanding Opportunities in Higher Education Task 1 of 2 (CER240)

Researching and Understanding Opportunities in Higher Education Task 2 of 2 (CER240)

Presentation Skills Task 1 of 1(CER215)

Business Units

Developing a Business Plan Assignment (CER075)

Human Resources in Organisations Task 1 (CER139)

Human Resources in Organisations Task 2 (CER139)