How to become an Access to HE Provider


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Become a Certa Centre first

It’s easy to become a Certa centre and once you’re on board we have a host of different ways to support your organisation. 

Step 1

Take a look at how to become a recognised centre here. If you’re satisfied you meet these then fill in our Application Form (both on Certa’s website).  We’ll take it from there and help you through the next steps.

Step 2
We’ll send out our Quality Reviewer who will run through your centre recognition criteria evidence. If we’re happy that all evidence is met we can then recommend that you become a recognised centre.

Step 3
Once you’ve been approved we’ll send out your confirmation letter and centre certificate.  You’re then enabled to offer a host of Certa qualifications, and apply to run the Access to HE Diploma.

Run an Access to HE Diploma

Once you’re a recognised Centre, adding a new Access to HE Diploma is straightforward. We will work with you to complete the appropriate forms.

Step 4
We meet up with your Quality and Curriculum Management teams to consider your application, and assess whether you have everything in place to be able to offer the Access to HE  Diploma.  This also provides everyone with the opportunity to review the standards and support that Certa will provide.

Step 5
Once we have approved you to run the Diploma you can then market it for delivery. Once your students are registered, we’ll then come out and support your delivery team to ensure that they have the confidence to run the best possible course. 

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