Mission & Values

Certa's Mission is:

To provide a high quality and accessible awarding body service, with a strong social purpose, to support the needs of learners, centres, businesses and communities.

To achieve our charitable objectives, we will be at the forefront of a comprehensive national Credit Accumulation and Transfer system, recognised for promoting social inclusion, wider participation, learner progression and community transformation.

We will achieve this by:

  • Supporting the Government  work and skills agendas by working with learning providers to ensure the delivery of provision approved for funding within the criteria of the Skills Funding Agency, the Education Funding Agency and the Department for Work and Pensions and others
  • Being passionate about inclusive credit-based learning (Learners / Opportunities / Social Transformation)
  • Being the best at facilitating the creative use of credit through responsive and demand-led product development
  • Working closely with learning providers and other stakeholders to ensure that systems and processes underpin the legislative and regulatory requirements, including data requirements
  • Ensuring that Qualifications and assessment practices are current, and suitable for different learner cohorts, meet the needs of the curriculum and prepare learners well for progression
  • Ensuring a robust business base through increasing learner registration and credit achievement, and providing high quality service and support
  • Developing the people, capacity and resources of the network to ensure effective business partnerships
  • Living out our commitments to equality and diversity by ensuring full access to our Qualifications and units and by challenging poverty through skills acquisition for all.


Certa is a values-driven company.  In our relationships with  customers, our values include being:

  • Responsive to Recognised Centre and learner needs
  • Robust in our Quality Assurance arrangements, so that our Qualifications have value to learners
  • Reliable in our transactions with Recognised Centres, providing an efficient and effective service which is comprehensive and good value for money.